Lift Systems

Truck Detachable Systems

Our Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system allows up to 26,000 GVW trucks to interchange different truck bodies in minutes.  It's like having 5 trucks in 1.

The Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system allows you to interchange truck bodies in a matter of minutes. Set a loaded body on the ground. Pick up a loaded body. Dump like a dump truck. All in one system.
This truck system is designed for the 11,000 GVW to 26,000 GVW commercial truck needs.
Switch-N-Go is lighter weight and half the cost of similar systems available in the market. It adds only 500 pounds more to the chassis weight than an ordinary dumping truck.
Switch-N-Go is designed to run with electrically powered hydraulics.

One Truck - Multiple Bodies & Uses - And yet only one set of fees for License, Tags, & Insurance!

13000-65000 LBS double pivot hook lift systems

Palfinger - Hook Lifts

PALFINGER Hooklifts is the most extended brand of lifting equipment designed for movable containers.

PALFINGER is a strong brand in the design and manufacturing of hooklifts globally and in North America - with over 50 years of combined experience. That means our versatile hooklift systems are built to last, offering unmatched efficiency for your business in waste/scrap, demolition, construction, mining, municipalities, rental and general contractors.

PALFINGER hooklifts have found widespread appeal due to their unparalleled degree of versatility and efficiency on the job. More containers can be handled in a shorter amount of time and, with a variety of containers, one truck can do the work of several. Palfinger American Roll-off has a sophisticated solution for your needs up to 68,000 lbs.


Marrel invented the hooklift in 1969 and introduced the concept in the US market. The wide range of Ampliroll Hooklift Systems offered by Marrel has built an unsurpassed reputation for reliability and for excellence in design.

Marrel Corporation provides the US market with a wide range of hooklifts and a full support of services. Our headquarters are located in Rockford, Michigan. A nationwide dealer network provides local support to our customers.

Efficient Services

Marrel, thanks to its many years of experience in manufacturing and use of high pressure hydraulic has succeeded in producing a reduced-weight, very strong, maintenance free, hooklift system with a high level of safety. The Ampliroll Hooklift System is sold through-out the United States.

Carey Auto and Truck Equipment has been building installing and maintaining truck hook lift systems since 1994,

Our construction and quality standards are so rigid we simply will not ship a truck  that does not meet these standards. Best of all, our truck lift systems don't just meet our standards,and manufacturer standards, they meet your standards as well.  The truck hook lift systems we install, are designed and built to the precise specifications.  Whatever your needs, we can custom build a truck to match the hook lift system you desire..