We are now a full line distributor of Amthor refined fuel tank

Amthor International has the largest variety of tank trucks for the refined fuel, propane, septic, portable restroom and vacuum industries. Each tank is custom built right here in America by our dedicated workers. We set the industry standard in fully customizable tanker trucks. Each of our products can be fully customized to meet all of your business’ needs. We also have an array of tank options that can increase the safety and efficiency of yourtank. Any combination of tank options and chassis can be made to your tanker at Amthor International. read more

Carey - Aluminum Tanker Truck
Carey - Aluminum Tanker Truck


Amthor refined fuel tanks are used for an array of different industries. Primary uses include delivering fuel to home and commercial buildings for heating, gas stations, equipment and machinery refueling, vehicles, and aviation refueling.

About Amthor Oil Tanker Truck Line

Our refined fuel tanks are designed to deliver several different types of fuel through a pump and metering system. Amthor International is the only manufacturer to offer a standard thickness and optional thicker tank floors to ensure you tank will last through the years. Special features of Amthor refined fuel tanks include extra heavy duty off road construction options and several tank models and styles to choose from to suit your specific application. Tanks are available in aluminum steel or stainless steel. We also offer air operated top safety railing system and heavy duty aluminum guardrail style rear bumper are to ensure your tank is safe and efficient.

Whether you prefer the square tank Monarch or the round tank Cardinal model – both available in a variety of styles. Amthor International sets the industry standard for tank quality and safety, so you can rest assured that your tank will work just as hard as you do.

Monarch Fuel Tank
Monarch Fuel Tank
Cardinal Fuel Tank
Cardinal Fuel Tank

Overview of Refined Fuel Specs

  • All tanks meet DOT-406 regulations
  • 500-12,000 gallon capacity
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and 5454-H32 Hi-Brite Aluminum
  • 1/4”, 5/16” or 3/8” tank floor option
  • Side and top of tank will be .190”
  • Crossmembers at all heads and baffles
  • Offset baffle openings to prevent sloshing
  • Outriggers are available and standard on tandem axle tanks and above
  • Tank heads and baffles .210” formed with “Z” stiffeners or dished & flanged
  • “V” box or “L” shaped tank sills and bolster mounts
  • Multiple compartment sizes
  • Available in all five tank styles
  • DOT approved rear aluminum, steel or stainless steel bumper
  • Overturn protection with expanded metal walkway
  • LED lighting with vapor-proof wiring throughout
  • Exclusive electrical system and junction boxes
  • Jeep style fenders
  • Low center of gravity
  • Top and front rear drains
  • Off-road/heavy duty construction options
  • Numerous tank options are available
  • Five and seven year warranties


Customize your water tank exactly how you want! We offer a variety of components and features that can make your tank the safest and most efficient tank you own. Simply choose your chassis and let the customization process begin!

Amthor Flatbed Water Tanks are used to deliver potable drinking water and non potable water for dust control or any other specific use that non drinking water can be used for. Our tanks transport water that is dispensed through a pumping system either through a hose reel for delivery or through a series of spray heads and nozzles to spray the water in different directions.

Amthor water tankers are available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, and can be constructed to haul drinking water and non drinking water each with their own specific and different types of pumping systems.

Water Tanker Specs

  • 500–8,000 gallons
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Tanks designed to carry potable and non-potable water
  • Offset baffle opening to prevent “sloshing”
  • Chassis frame mounted rear platform area
  • Numerous spray head and spray bar options available
  • Rear mounted hydrant fill with an air space
truck water tank

Amthor International’s VACUUM TRUCK

Amthor vacuum trucks are used in several applications whether its sucking up grease traps from restaurants, septic systems, car washes, water, or different types of fuels. Each vacuum tank is equipped with a pumping system that builds up a vacuum while a suction hose is used to absorb the materials of your choice. The vacuum tank also has the ability to pressure off what is in the vessel.

Matador Vacumn Truck
Matador Vacumn Truck
Matador Vacumn Truck
Matador Vacumn Truck

Vacuum Truck

Amthor International offers a variety of vacuum tankers in the Matador line, including options for code and non-code tanks with stationary or dumping and a full opening rear door.

Amthor’s latest vacuum tank option is the innovative CLAW (patent pending), a series of hydraulic arms to open and close the rear door on vacuum tanks. The CLAW eliminates the use of wing nuts along the top and sides of the tank and locks past center. Even if pressure is lost or the cylinder falls to operate, the latch will not be loosened. This ensures a much tighter seal than any human can provide manually. With the CLAW, the driver no longer has to climb 10 to 13 feet in the air to tighten the rear door. The CLAW makes our vacuum tankers safer and more convenient for the driver to operate.

Each Amthor International tank can be fully customized for your specifications with a wide variety of custom materials and options available. Customizable options include:

Vacuum Truck Specs

  • Material of your choice: steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • ASME/DOT code and non – code vacuum tanks
  • Stationary or dumping tanks with or without a full opening rear door
  • CLAW (patent pending) hydraulic door open and closure system
  • Tank and tank component heating options
  • Tank interior protection such as epoxy lining or magnesium anodes
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes available
  • Heavy – duty off – road construction options
  • Several different makes and models of vacuum pumps available
  • Numerous chassis makes and models available